Portable Washrooms

We understand how important it is to keep your crew safe and productive; our compact portable washrooms are rental-ready solutions for any job where you are looking for comfortable, warm, and clean washrooms on site.

Portable Toilets

Always clean, sanitized, and full of sanitary products - our porta potty selection are sure to get the job done.

  • Easily transported
  • Men's and Women's options
  • Highest standard of cleanliness


The largest heated restroom inventory in the Peace Region. Outdoor men's and women's washrooms built for Canada’s climate that are available for both temporary and long-term sites. Each washcar has two private washrooms which are each fully equipped with its own sink (running hot and cold water), flush toilet, urinal, and sanitation products.

All of our units have a compact design in order to minimize the on-site footprint, while remaining comfortable and spacious on the inside.